Regional animal protection society


RAPS is one of Canada’s largest and most innovative animal-serving agencies. We are re-imagining no-kill rescue by helping animals … and their people.


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Our commitment to the animals, and the humans, that we serve

We have developed the “RAPS Model” of sustainable, community-supported, no-kill animal care. This holistic approach incorporates shelters, sanctuaries, not-for-profit vet care, education, advocacy and social enterprise.

What We do

RAPS cat sanctuary

RAPS Cat Sanctuary – Canada’s largest! – is home to hundreds of mostly unadoptable cats, many of whom would have faced euthanasia in other jurisdictions.

RAPS Adoption & Education centre

RAPS unites homeless animals with loving people. We also educate young people and the public about the joys and responsibilities of companion animals.

raps animal hospital

We are reimagining veterinary care through an affordable, community-owned, not-for-profit model that makes an animal’s well-being – not profit – the bottom line.

RAPS Thrift Stores

RAPS operates two thrift stores in the Metro Vancouver region. Proceeds from the sale of donated items at our thrift stores goes to supporting all RAPS initiatives.

our vision

Saving and improving the lives of animals

our vision

To make lives, families, neighbourhoods and communities safer, healthier and happier by strengthening bonds between companion animals and people.

our values

We demonstrate respect for animals and people through direct care for homeless, abandoned, stray and surrendered companion animals and by educating people about the benefits and responsibilities of animal companionship.



RAPS unites companion animals with forever homes. If you are considering adding a family member, learn about what you should consider, how to prepare and meet adoptable animals who want to take their place at the heart of a loving household.


Adopting a pet is a commitment for the lifetime of the animal. Sometimes, people may be unable to fulfill this commitment. It is vital that the animal be surrendered to a legitimate agency that will ensure their well-being and rehome them.


Our fostering network is central to RAPS’ no-kill promise. We are always seeking loving, patient households to temporarily rehome animals who need socialization or rehabilitation and can help prepare them for the next phase of their lives.


RAPS is all about the animals. But everything we do is possible because of a small army of dedicated humans who deliver individualized care to thousands of animals every year. If
helping animals is your life’s passion, we want you to join us!


RAPS is an enviable place to work. We attract team members who are driven to save and improve the lives of animals and who are inspired by our no-kill promise. We are always looking for talented, dedicated people for a vast range of roles.


Whatever your capacity or talents, you can help us fulfill our mission. Giving of your time, your skills or your charitable donations allows us to keep our no-kill promise. Individuals of every age and ability can make a powerful contribution!


Corporate and community partners are critical in helping RAPS meet our mission of saving and improving the lives of animals. So much of what we have accomplished has been through gifts-in-kind from manufacturers, retailers and tradespeople.

planned giving

Planned giving – leaving a bequest in our wills – ensures the values that are important to us in life are supported even after we are gone. Leaving a legacy is one of the most profound ways you can help RAPS help animals … and their people.

tax receipts

If you want to check on the status of a tax receipt, require a replacement copy, or need to change your contact information, it’s easy! If we can help you with any administrative issue relating to your support for RAPS, here’s the place.

ADVOCACY for animals…

and their people

RAPS is a direct animal-serving agency. But ensuring the well-being of animals sometimes requires that we intervene to positively affect the legal, regulatory and social conditions that impact animals … and their people.

Advocacy has become an increasingly important part of our work, as we seek to raise our voices for those who can’t speak and to be agents of change around systemic forces that impact animals and the people who care for them.

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Volunteer of the Month: Carol Porteous

Volunteer of the Month: Carol Porteous

Few people have so much experience in all areas of RAPS! The Volunteer of the Month for January 2022 is someone who is familiar to most people in the organization – and someone who is familiar with pretty much every facet of RAPS! Carol Porteous began volunteering at...

Photos: Marla Jenkins “Mango”, Karen Nicholson “Cat Sanctuary (Sage)”, Sara Dane Photography “Adopt”,
Michele Wright, Furry Friends Photography, “Foster (George)” & Footer


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